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Grading Across multiple feature lines.

Grading Across multiple feature lines.

I have an auto-corridor feature lines on the back of curb for an urban transportation project where the northbound and southbound traffic is separated by a median. I would like to add one feature line that goes from the east-west baseline BOC, the BOC defined by the connected alignment baseline, and the BOC defined by the northbound baseline. The corridor splits these feature lines up and the grading objects then are difficult to use. I would like to be able to add one grading object across multiple feature lines.



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Having a ruleset that the highest fill side grading feature overrides, or lowest cut side, would logically work to make something like this happen. If you could define a sort of union boolean of grading objects, that would be nice. You could even let them remain separate grading objects, but let there be some logical hierarchy as to which one applies to the final geometry.

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