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Graded Ramp

Graded Ramp

After weeks (4 to be exact) of teaching in classrooms with crashing and freezing installs of Civil 3D 2016; I was hoping to do a simple grading plan for some horses. Quickly I can to the realization, that just like the crashing and freezing Civil 3D installs, Civil 3D just wasn't even close to doing the task in an efficient manner. 


First off I've created some "Pads", not real pads that have intelligence, but stupid, dumb, and nearly useless feature lines to represent them. Then I want to provide a sloping area for easy access to the pads. Like this: 




Why can't I grade from the sideslopes down? Why do I have to create another feature line (tracing the existing grading feature line) to grade back down to the surface? It seems a bit stupid for a company touting Civil 3D as BIM. Why so many steps?


So something like this: 




I'd use Infrasucks, but it too doesn't have this simple, common feature. So glad we can pay for Civil 3D to have Infrasucks programmed on. Why not finish Civil 3D into the BIM product that is being marketed?


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I want to grade a plot

1.Having retaining wall on three side.. And other side it will be sloped.

2. Continuous Plots having various finished levels  two side (one plot is having Higher finished level and another one is lower finished level) I want to grade the plot by this two options mentioned above. 

Please give me a best suggestion to get cut and fill volume. 


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