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Glyphs in plan view indicating simple corridor targeting assignments

Glyphs in plan view indicating simple corridor targeting assignments

This is an area that is overdue for improvements in visualization . . .


Currently the user must select corridor, go into properties, choose region (often relying on model space for verification, which cannot be panned when in corridor properties), go into targets, and hopefully, they know which subassembly is the one they want to edit . . .


What would be AWESOME is if there were a simple set of glyphs which, when combined with the highlighting of selected regions or baselines, would let the user know, in model space, how an assembly is being applied to target objects.  This would require some focus groups to determine how complex to make things, but the addition of a pop-up legend might allow Joe Schmo to understand what the glyphs, symbols, line colors, etc. are telling him. 



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Status changed to: Accepted

Tracking this idea internally as CIVIL-37948. This idea aligns with other work we are doing related to corridor targeting tools.

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