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Global Expressions

Global Expressions

Expressions offer a handy way to dynamically control things like text height with logic. Unfortunately, Expressions are separate for each Label Type. Expressions for Note labels are inaccessible by Line labels, which are inaccessible for contour labels, and so on.


While, in most cases, this granularity is great, there are times where I would like to create an Expression that's globally accessible to all Label styles.


One use case I have in mind is controlling text height. Our standard text height is 0.1", however, some of the agencies we submit to require all text to be no larger than 0.12". In such cases, our standard text height grows to 0.12", and our Medium and Large heights also need to grow in a proportional manner.


It would be nice if we could set a Global Expression for the size of our default, medium, and large text heights, and apply it to our label styles. The net result being the ability to easily manage that are otherwise incredibly tedious to manage and update.


I'm sure there are other use cases where Global Expressions would be helpful, but managing text heights was the first to come to mind.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the idea, @dgladfelter . The development team will review it while other customers add feedback and vote on it.


I would also like to see Global Expressions implemented.


As a land surveyor using grid coordinates and line work, we use a combined scale factor (CSF) to convert the grid distances to display ground distances without scaling the line work. Currently I have to create separate Expressions for line labels, curve labels, alignment label stations, etc which requires changing a CSF value in multiple locations. It would greatly simplify the process if there was a Global Expression that could be accessed by multiple label styles so that I would only have to change the CSF once.


A bonus would be if the Global Expression could read a value from system variables, such as USERR1.

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