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General simplifications to speed up reviews

General simplifications to speed up reviews

As someone who uses Civils 3D daily, some suggestions for improvements for future versions -

- Check boxes next to surfaces in toolspace to quickly turn on / off surfaces in plan view
- "Lightbulb" to turn on all hidden elements similar to revit to quickly identify hidden elements and how they are turned off (way too many ways to hide different elements)
- Simplifications to produce multiple surfaces, alignments etc at once with a typical naming convention

- Subassembly composer built in to Civil 3D to speed up drawing of complex elements and make swift updates to subassemblies

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Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @kieran.headon.

Most of these are either existing ideas ( that are high on our list, or things that we are actively working on (such as making the process of editing/importing/testing custom subassemblies easier. 

Stay tuned!

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