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Fix Decimal Aligned Stacked Text.

Fix Decimal Aligned Stacked Text.

This refers to the Core AutoCAD Stacked Text Formatting.

It applies to Civil 3D because stacked text can be used in C3D Labels.


The Tilde (~) code kinda, sorta, maybe, creates a decimal-aligned stack that is not separated by a line.
The text is Decimal aligned. Getting the decimal alignment to stick is hard, and it is not available in C3D Labels.

  • For the MTEXT editor, select the text to be stacked, then click the Stack button on the ribbon or right-click and select Stack. In actuality, the text will probably be left aligned. You will need correct this manually.
    Tip: Initially, use the caret code (^) and create a tolerance stack.
    Then use stack properties to assign the Decimal style.
  • Decimal-aligned Style is not available for Civil 3D Labels.

I have a post prepared for the Community Voices blog about this.
I will add a link when it is published.  

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. This would need to be addressed in core AutoCAD, but we will share this with the AutoCAD team for review while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


Thanks, Tim,


This is just a clarification. (It is not my intent to be argumentative.)


I think that there may be two issues here.

  1. Stacked Text - Decimal-Aligned wonkiness.
    This is a Core AutoCAD issue.
  2. The Stack Properties dialog options differ between the MTEXT editor and the TCE.
    I do not know this difference's internal nuts and bolts or the AutoCAD/C3Dd ownership of the TCE Stack Properties Dialog. If ownership is C3D, there may be a solution independent of the AutoCAD team. 

Thanks again,

Chris Stevens





Excellent points, @ChrisRS (and I did not take it as being argumentative). Thanks very much for clarifying.

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