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Featureline Names listed & addition in Breaklines Set

Featureline Names listed & addition in Breaklines Set

1. It will be good if we can see the names of feature lines ,we added in a break line set while creating surface. It will be more good if feature line gets highlighted  when select the names under break line set. It is so blind that  even the designer cant able to locate breakline set after some period of time for editing especially when we are doing complete project with feature line grading.


2. It should be possible if we need to add any related new feature line later to a break line set. Currently, we have to delete the break line set and do it altogether.  ( The first point mentioned above makes it difficult to find the break line set of the feature lines).

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Great idea

Hi, Thank you.. and Thank you everybody for kudos and valuable time.
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wright!! It will enable to quickly identify various featurelines for addition and deletions.

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Definitely, it will help in reducing time in revisions.

Good idea

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