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FeatureLine from corridor: Get a whole piece

FeatureLine from corridor: Get a whole piece

It is easy to get a featureLine from a corridor when we have only one BaseLine.


For example, if I have several regions in the same BaseLine, I can get the whole piece of a particular code.


However, if we have a corridor with different BaseLines, each one with its regions, then the "featureLine from corridor" only returns the feature line on the selected region.


So, if we have a roundabout, and we want a particular featureLine from corridor for all the corridor, we will have to repeat that command for every region and finally, if we could do it, join them.

Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for your suggestion. Items related to extraction of feature lines from a corridor are being internally managed as PF977.

Status changed to: Implemented

In Civil 3D 2017 and in Civil 3D 2016 with Pro Pack 2 installed you can extract Feature lines from the whole corridor, or just a part of it (that could span regions).



Peter Funk
Sr Product Manager
Civil 3D
Autodesk, Inc.

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