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Feature Line Vertex Labels

Feature Line Vertex Labels

I think it would be nice to be able to add vertex labels to feature lines that show the elevation.


Currently you can add segment labels and then have them be at the start or end, but then it either doesn't work at one end or there is multiples at vertexes.


I would like to be able to see the elevation at each vertex, and then label the segments with their slopes while I'm grading sites/roads.




I agree and have been working around this by generating points ... but points should be done to finalize the elevations, not every time you need to list the elevation of a vertex. So having a quick label on all the vertex elevations would be a huge improvement for feature lines.


@roswald Never tried the points before. Usually we either do the Start/End vertex labels for feature lines which works not too bad, just lack a lot of easy ways to edit the positions without creating a ton of styles, or we make a surface with the feature lines as break lines and use elevation labels on a no display surface.


Personally I like the surface labels, essentially would work like your points but is dynamic. You just have to make sure that if you have new feature lines that you add them to the surface.


The surface labels are ok once the surface is created, but we do a lot of work with feature lines before the surface is created where we need to crunch the numbers in design.


We also sometimes start over with the surface, then all the work with the surface labels go away as quickly as they were created.


Another issue with surface labels is TC, BC and TW, BW where they give an approximate elevation, and then there is the added complexity of ref labels in the style that can also go away, get deleted, corrupted or broken.


The one object that never changes or goes away is the points object.


We also use feature lines without making a surface. We can label the slopes very well, but the lack of a vertex label makes it like something is missing in the feature line toolbox, and should somehow be added as a new feature.



I want the ability to label the vertex points in my model. The ability to translate the table to the actual drawing points would be so much easier to follow.


And it would also be helpful to label points in between the start and end points of a feature line segment with dynamic Stationing/Elevation.


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