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Feature line snaps, automatic elevation points, and constraints

Feature line snaps, automatic elevation points, and constraints

There's a few feature line ideas bouncing around the forum but couldn't find one specifically on feature line snaps, so I put a few of my ideas together here. Let me know what you think!


  1. Please create a snap set specifically for feature lines, so you can allow feature lines to only snap to other feature lines. Many times feature lines get snapped to 2d line work underneath other feature lines and causes many headaches having to fix elevations and geometry.

  2. When snapping feature line "A" to a feature line "B", at a non-geometric point, please allow the automatic creation of an elevation point on feature line "B" so there is no feature line conflict and saves time having to manually create crossing elevation points.
  3. Create elevation and horizontal constraints for feature lines. If I snap one feature line to another and one gets horizontally shifted, I'd like the 2 to stay connected.
  4. Allow elevation constraints so that individual geometry or elevation points can be manually or automatically calculated (interpolated).



pak, minta master autocad 2010


+1, but please autodesk make these options and not the only way featureline will work if this is implemented :). So people can chose which options they want on or off


First although these are all related to featurelines, they're separate feature requests and as such should be posted as separate ideas so that users can vote on them individually.


But RE your number 2:  C3D already does this.  If you create a new FL that is in the same Site as the one it's intersecting with, the intersected FL will get a new elevation point at that location.

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