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Feature line sig sag

Feature line sig sag



Please note that feature line named (ETW) changing direction one place to another side which is having same name in different sub-assembly, create this problem, so please provide point code input option .


Here i am repeating content from my previous post.


Please provide point code input option or give some more name option, it would be great.




Please try to provide Point code input option for all Subassemblies like

1, Subassembly.LaneSuperelevationAOR

2, Subassembly.LaneFromTaperedMedian1

3, Subassembly.BasicLaneTransition

4, Subassembly.LaneOutsideSuperMultiLayer

5, Subassembly.LaneInsideSuperMultiLayer

6, Subassembly.LaneOutsideSuperLayerVaryingWidth

7, Subassembly.LaneOutsideSuperWithWidening

8, Subassembly.BasicLane




Thomas Benhur

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