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Feature line labeling

Feature line labeling

I wish feature lines could have a default labeling style, or style set, defined as part of the feature line style.  I almost always label my grading feature lines with their start and end elevations along with the slope between points. Right now I can label the entire feature line at one time but if I add more points to the line or other feature lines intersect those new segments will be labeled ad the expense of labels at the end of the feature line. The result is that I then have to label those missing ones at the end one by one.  I would rather they label themselves by a default label type like an alignment does.




I completely agree! I would love to have this functionality!


I agree that an option for a label set is long overdue, or at least some improvement of the labels.


However, I'd also like to be able to use the line and curve labels, but with the ability to have labels be static to the featureline.  I want to be able to label a segment and when I add or delete segments, have the original labels remain in place.


I'm trying to label slopes on feature lines in production plans, but right now it is very annoying that whenever I have to add a grade break or alter the feature line in any way, even just with a grading object that is partial to the segment, it shifts everything.


Which reminds me, I don't want the grading objects to create breaks in the segment labels on the base featureline when they stop mid-segment.  This is very annoying behavior since there is no control point other than the phantom one created by the grading object.


Or If not a full-blown labeling style... Give us a way to use fields, attributes, or an expression that results as a string so that we (the users) can create them for ourselves. 


It is so convenient to use the labeling styles in AutoCAD, mainly because the labels stay attached to what they are labeled to (unlike, Dtext, Mtext, fields, and attributes).




I just want to make sure that you are clear that there is already a way to label feature lines and access some of the data for expressions.  You can use Line and Curve Labels in the General section.  From that you can create a style that will display the elevations of the endpoints and the slope along the feature line. 


The problem is that those labels shift to different segments of the feature line when it is edited and don't auto generate more of the same when additional segments are created.




I have made several labels that use the Lines & Curves labeling style for feature lines. So yes, I am aware of that particular labeling style. But I am limited to lengths, slopes, elevations, coordinates, area, direction, and expressions. All of which are numbers. Not text.


Even the Note category is insufficient. It is limited to the same set of characters. Numbers.


My suggestion is a new category just for feature lines... or include the special elements of feature lines to the Lines & Curves style (similar to the alignment category). I want to automate the labeling of features lines so that the name of the feature can be included in the label. Which currently I can't do, unless I use plain or multi-line text in conjunction with either a lisp routine, fields, or attributes, etc. And thereby, run the risk the label could be separated from the object.


It would also help when designing corridors to see the labels and know: a) that it is a feature line and not an alignment, b) what its name is, c) when a "region" will switch to a new "found/not found" condition when using a conditional subassembly, and d) it will stay with the feature line like a label for an alignment does.


Sounds like you have a lot of ideas.  I didn't realize that you are trying to display the object name.  I think because the current labels are not specific to feature lines only they have not added those fields as options for the style.  I know that some of the other labels do allow that kind of text for the object name, such as alignment labels. 


I agree that it would be nice if the labels could also include other data about the object, such as some of the plain CAD object properties.  I also wish that you could return your expressions as text objects (strings) rather than only allowing specific numerical formats.  However, I think we are talking about something broader, outside the scope of the original intent of this idea for feature lines.  I won't hold my breath that AutoDesk will implement such a large sweeping change to their styles any time soon.



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