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Feature Line Label Updates

Feature Line Label Updates

We use feature lines to design and show intersection grading. We have made labels that show the elevation at the end of the feature line. You can change all most any variable (for what ever reason) and the label will automatically adjust. But if you edit the text (like add the text "1/2 delta") then later you need to change information within the label (to show 3 decimals instead of 2) you either have to change label style then change back and re add the additional text or delete and add additional text. Have added a screen shot showing label after the change was made and drawing was regenerated


Just a clarification:

I think that you are saying that when you update the definition of a feature line style, any existing feature line labels using that style get a style update but text edits are lost. You are suggesting that the text edits should be retained  when the style is updated. It would be nice. I suspect this apples to all Civil 3D Label styles.


In my experience, its the other way around. Any Civil 3D labels with text overrides will not reflect changes to the label's style. I'm not sure there is a clean solution to this other than creating a style (child style maybe) that includes any text you would want to add using an override.

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