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Feature Line Dynamic Links/Constraints

Feature Line Dynamic Links/Constraints

Currently, my company uses feature lines to detail intersection grading that matches not only local standards, but ADA standards as well.  Models include feature lines for Flowlines, Edge of Asphalt, Centerlines, Top Back of Curb, Sidewalk, and Ramps.  The new feature I am suggesting would allow users to add constraints and links to the feature lines which would allow the user to streamline the grading process. It is a bit of a stretch to connect the two, but think of it like terra-forming in a video game:  you can push/pull one spot and things around it will update according to prescribed criteria.  in my head I see this working in a similar fashion to the dynamic profile links that are part of Sincpac C3d.  


As an example, a possible constraint to include would be to have top back of curb always 0.5 ft above a flowline.  In the image below the user could constrain point A in that manner and not have to worry about whether or not it still matches design criteria after an update/change.  




2018 has relative feature lines, you should check it out!


Thanks for the info, Kevin!  Unfortunately we upgrade on the odd years so I wont get to play with that until 2019, but it definitely looks like it could come in handy.  It is definitely a step in a good direction for more streamlined grading 🙂 

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Bentley has had the ability for a decade or more to make quick grading "sections" (not the same cumbersome process as corridors) where you can have offset feature lines, and when you edit any point on the original line, the offset lines update accordingly. No need to create another surface, and you can move one line and the others move with it dynamically.


For example, you grade in the face of curb flow line. Then you make your section offsets at 0.17' over and 0.5' up, and then 0.67' over and 0.5' up. Now you have a curb section that is dynamically linked to whatever changes you make to the face of curb.


This is exclusively how I graded curbs for site projects, and it worked wonderfully. Why can't Autodesk catch up on this?

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