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Feature Line Commands - Grade to Surface/Elevation, Multiple Offset

Feature Line Commands - Grade to Surface/Elevation, Multiple Offset


Feature Grading  - I would like to see a command creating feature lines by grading to a surface or elevation, similar to the grading tools.  These features would not have to be dynamic. Most often, dynamic features cause more problems then they are worth. If they where dynamic, just make sure we users can trim, extend and break the features.


Feature Multi Offsets - I would also like to see a multiple offset command for features.  Offset settings could be extracted from an assembly or some kind of definition file or dialog.


Feature Offest (Advanced) - I would like to see more advanced settings for offsetting feature lines.  Offset features should be capable of horizontal transitions. Vertically, offset features should be controlled by offset, offset transition, elevation, and grades/slopes both longitudinal and transversely.   Bentley's InRoads includes these commands for feature grading and is a tremendously powerful tool. 



On large or complex grading projects I usually have difficulty using the grading features. When designing 50+ acres sites with the grading tools, Civil 3d will most often choke.  The grading tools seem to work well on small sites, but for large sites the processing time is very slow.  Plus, reopening the drawing will restart the processing of the site.  Usually on these large site projects I explode the grading elements and create a feature from the linework, which is time consuming.  This workflow is frustrating because I can grade these sites in other software packages (InRoads) in a matter of minutes.  Which sometimes I resort back to.  99% of grading on civil projects is a matter of creating accurate features (breaklines) for triangulation.  It really doesn't matter how you get there, you just need to get there.  








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