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Favorite category in Geographic Coordinate Systems

Favorite category in Geographic Coordinate Systems

In the "Drawing Settings" window (Units and Zone) or in the "MAPCSLibrary" I would like to have a default Category called "Favorites".

Right now we can create a new category from "MapCSLibrary" ("Manage" button) but it is very annoying adding/removing Coordinate Systems to/from the selected Category.


I would prefer doing right click on a Coordinate System and "Add to Favorites" as we can do in MicroStation. (Look at the attached picture).



Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the idea, @joantopo . The development team will review it while other customers add feedback and vote on it.



In my opinion, if we create a Category (I will name "User Category")  then it should appear an icon next to the category name to identify that it is a custom (user) category.


And if we open the "Coordinate Systems categories- Manage" dialog then it should appear an [Edit] button.


This window is from the [Manage] button i the MapCSLibrary.


Due to we cannot edit a stock CS Category, the [Edit] button would be disabled if you select that type of category but if you select an User Category, then [Edit] button should appear enabled so we were able to edit the User Category (Change name of the category, add or remove categories in that User Category, etc..)

Same behaviour than [Delete] button due to you cannot remove a stock Category.






Even in the MapCSLibrary ( Category combobox) we were able to filter by "User Categories" , "Stock Categories",...



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