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Fast way to edit subassembly input parameters.

Fast way to edit subassembly input parameters.

I would like a way to choose the subassembly in plan (directly from the corridor in plan view).

In general, it is very strange to have a subassembly under another one, although in that case we could use the cycling selection to choose the properly subassembly.


So, if I Select a corridor region in plan, I would like to pick inside a subassembly in plan, for example a lane, and automatically open the subassembly properties of that subassembly.


I don't like to look for my assembly location in the model space.


I think the subassembly properties should be a palette instead of a modal window.

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I'd go a step further and request the option to edit a subassembly from section editor. So essentially take this entire Idea and substitute "plan"/"plan view" and replace with "section editor".

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