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Extract Surface Boundary as closed polyline in Civil 3D

Extract Surface Boundary as closed polyline in Civil 3D

When extracting a surface boundary (using SurfaceExtractObjects command), this results in an 'open' polyline. 


If we want to use the extracted boundary to determine the Model Extents limits of e.g. an Infraworks Model, we can follow THIS WORKFLOW and use the MAPEXPORT command to create SHP files of geometry, then use those SHP files to define the model extents in InfraWorks.


Since 'open' polylines are not supported while creating SHP files and polygon geometry, users who do not have enough experience may be confused why the polyline is not accepted (filtered out) in the selection of creating SHP files.


As SDF works well in this case, ideally would be to close the polylines during the extracting process 'automatically', to allow SHP works as well as SDF - in some cases users prefer to use SHP instead of SDF.

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Imho, it makes more sense to have resulting 'closed' polylines saving lots of time/money/frustration investigating why the MAPEXPORT to SHP won't work. Thank you for posting this.

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