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Extract corridor to solid: add checkbox "Add property Sets hosted in the drawing"

Extract corridor to solid: add checkbox "Add property Sets hosted in the drawing"

I generally define (or copy) Psets to be hosted in the file. Once I generate solids 3D from "Extract corridor to solid" then I have to add them to the 3D solids from the Properties palette ("Add Property Sets" button).


In the "extract corridor solid" steps I would like to  see an option to add Property sets hosted in the drawing to the new solid 3D to do it in the fly during the creation of the 3D solid.



Status changed to: Gathering Support

@joantopo , would you like to see this request as part of a larger request on property sets on extracted corridor solids? It seems like this one would encompass your request:


Yes, of course.


However, I think the "Style Manager" dialog box of AutoCAD needs improvements:

1) It is needed a new figure: "Property Set Set" (which it groups Property Sets). A particular default value of the property according to the "Propety Set Set" it belongs.

"Property Sets Set" would be an upper level than "Property Set".


2) A way to share the same property to several Property Set.

3) A way to share the same "Property Set" to several "Property Set Set".


This is the reason why I have the same corridor in several DWG, because I just have a single "Property Set Set", one for each DWG.




Take into acocunt that when I said "Add property Sets hosted in the drawing"", the term "Add" can be:

- Copy


- Sync (if we edit the psets in the Style manager dialog box then updates in the "Extract to corridor" command.


@TimYarrisThis would indeed be a great improvement. Especially for some needs for projects for our local department of transportation.

This would be a very interesting part of the link/wish you mentioned.


As an addition I would like to point out to this Idea:


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