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Extract Corridor Solids: "Dynamic link to corridor"

Extract Corridor Solids: "Dynamic link to corridor"

"Extract Corridor Solids" command has the checkbox "Dynamic link to corridor". Sometimes I enable it but later I change my mind and I decide not working dynamically.

However there is no option to disable it later. 

A lot of users don´t know how to say to the corridor (when is rebuilding)that it must not create again 3D solids..


Why don´t you add a "Dynamic link to corridor" checkbox as status in the Corridor properties dialogbox?


Also, "Extract Corridor Solids", in the "Corridor Property Data- User Defined", should have a button to Import Pset from another file. In fact it should also have properties by formula not just "Manual" type.

I need properties by formula because the delivery of IFC must have a particular name of Pset so I have to create a new property (by formula) and reassign a property of the corridor like "Start station" of the shape.




Civil 3D ideas forum should have a category (tag) about BIM (IFC), etc..

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Status changed to: Under Review

@joantopo , we are heavily involved in IFC. Much of what you mention is being considered in our research. 

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