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Extra labels in the section views.

Extra labels in the section views.

 A lot of people have asked me this improvement.


Sometimes, we don´t want bands in the section views. We want to show a basic information in the section views.


This information is:


The area of each section material.

The elevation of each surface section in the (offset=0).



In the following picture, I have added mtext (from Autocad) in the top of the section view:





But we have to add this information manually and they are not dynamic.


It would be nice add extra information, perhaps in the section view style (tittle annotation) refered to some data of a particular section. (for example, the area is a material section, or the elevation (in the axis) of the section.


"TN" and "SR" would be the name of the source of the section.


This is very important for us because we generally exposes the section views with this information (without using bands).



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