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Expressions in the style display controls

Expressions in the style display controls

Civil design is the only drafting I can think of where a linetype is used to represent a real world feature.  The example that I've been dealing with is road markings, where the dash spacing is a fixed distance.  Of course AutoCAD scales all linetypes to suit the current drawing scale, which is nice for Architects or Mechanical drafters but not suitable for my work.


Of course I'm in the minority, (there are a lot more Architects than Civil users) so I don't expect that the base ACad platform is going to change, but it should be possible to use Expressions within the C3D style controls to work around the problem.




If I could use an Expression in the LT Scale parameter for this Feature Line style then I could use the DrawingScaleConversion parameter to adjust for changes in the drawing scale.


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