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Export AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing dialog

Export AutoCAD Civil 3D Drawing dialog

Would like to have a check box to allow users to choose "Same as source" for the destination folder.

An alternative would be to change the dialog box from a tree selection, to normal browsing dialog box. This would enable you to paste the folder path.



Yes, yes and yes!

I don't want to have to go searching ... "where did it put that drawing?"

As for the stupid tree selection box, this goes for every single time I see it. Just give me a normal file selection box! (I have my shortcuts on the side, plus the ability to paste.)



[BTW @ToddRogers-WPM if you just need to paste, you can paste your path into the whitespace under "Destination folder" instead of clicking on the ellipsis. I don't want to invalidate your idea, but there's the workaround.]

@troma, thanks. Yes, that is a definite oversight on that. Thanks!


Basically, the export function should default to "Same a source directory".

Allowing the user to choose another directory is nice, but unnecessary.

Having the function default to the path of whatever place I last did an export is pretty dumb.


While you're at it, please allow me to export a bunch of files from a folder without having the word "Model" added as a suffix to each one.

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