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Explode Cogo Point Speed

Explode Cogo Point Speed

Exploding Cogo Points takes forever, if it finishes at all. It would be great if the speed could be improved.


One approach to speeding it up would be to stop looking at all of the point groups when deleting the points. If I have numerous point groups in the drawing the exploding takes way longer than if I delete the point groups. I need the point groups to control how the points are displayed. Deleting the point group often changes the styles.


Another approach would be to use multithreading to extract out the information from the overrule and then copy the linework, insert all of the points, into the drawing, and then delete the point.


This way I can get the linework in a fast operating environment of Microstation, instead of the laggy, slow Civil 3D. Please make it so I can say a workflow from Civil 3D to Microstation is stupid; instead of the current situation that makes so much sense.

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