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Elevations labels along feature line

Elevations labels along feature line

In all probability it has been requested again but let's repeat it:


Adding elevation labels along a feature line with a single command would be very helpful. Quite a few options could be offered, like elevations on pi-points or on grade break points etc.


For PI Points, this is already possible, though I agree it could be much more user-friendly than the solution showed below.




If you are looking for a surface labels along all vertices of a feature line or polyline my company just released and app that spots labels all the selected features lines vertices at one time. In our next release, there will be an option to label the feature line elevation values even without. Checkout our 2 surface labels apps on our YouTube channel. We have a suite of apps that come with our CCLS Tools for Civil 3D 2018-2022. Let me know if you have any questions. 


CCLS Tools - YouTube Channel 

CCLS Tools - Autodesk App Store  





We need the ability to use more variables in the Label Style Composer. I could create my own label if we were given the access to the label's location x, y,& z coordinate. Or the Station data. or any of a number of variables that Civil 3D has stored within the program.

This is ridiculous:


Most of those variables do the same thing.


Any update on this? I'm cursing C3D right now. I have a curved FL with a PI at a reference point, approximately midway along the FL. I don't currently use the FL as a breakline for a surface. I need to label the elevation of the reference point. My current plan is to create a new, short, non-print FL that is at the same elevation and then label that and have two label styles in case i draw it the wrong way, with the new label giving the elevation at either the start or end of the FL. No fun at all. At least if the FL changes elevation, one end will change and I can see if there is a slope on that line and adjust so that it reports the new 'dynamic and live' data.

I don't want to trim the line at the reference point because I use the 'SetFeatureGrade' command regularly along that FL. I don't want a surface because I have 400 curb ramps being designed, each using about 10 FLs, and have no other reason for creating a surface. BUT, it's really my best option, since the reference point also has a Station and Offset label needed, so getting Station, Offset, Elevation in one label is only possible with an alignment label.

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