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EDITPOINTDATUM command is confusing

EDITPOINTDATUM command is confusing

Sometimes  I just want to raise/lower elevation of a selection of COGO points (not all point of the drawing) but EDTIPOINTDATUM works different according to on where I call this command from:


I mean:

If I have a Point Group and then I select their points (or directly select points in the drawing) right click and in the context menu I choose: "EDITPOINTDATUM", then I raise/lower points that I have selected (not all points).


However If I call the command EDITPOINTDATUM in the comnad line or in the ribbon, although I selected bofore points, it applies to ALL points in the drawing.


This does not make sense if this command can work differently. 

I have tested this in C3D 2023 and 2024 with the same behaviour so I understand that maybe it is not a bug.


In my opinion, when we call this command "EDITPOINTDATUM", just appear in the comnmand line if we want to apply to all points, select a point Group, select in the drawing, etc...



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That's a great idea, @joantopo . I hadn't noticed the command works differently depending on the context.

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