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Editing COGO Point Description

Editing COGO Point Description

Civil 3D 2018 is _really_ slow when Properties Pane is open, and selecting many C3D Objects, like COGO Points.


One of the easiest ways to mitigate that issue is to disable Properties Pane, and use Quick Properties instead, and this has served me well for some time.


Now I have a task, where I need to update a portion of the Raw Description for a select few of the COGO Points in my drawing (County Stormwater Revised Existing Conditions Map) to what my Engineer needs... I select a COGO Point, select the Raw Description property (which highlights the value), hit <End> then <Backspace> a few times, enter the desired value, and finally hit <Enter>.


This works most of the time, but every so often, the entire value (String) is made lowercase, which changes the \P in my Raw Description to \p which removes the carriage return, thusly screwing up my COGO Point Label. Grrr


Sure, I can UNDO a couple times to when the original Raw Description is restored, and duplicate the modification, resulting in a correct change that doesn't change it to all lowercase & screw up the COGO Point Label... But I shouldn't have to... Just don't change my Raw Description to all lowercase in the first place!


To boot, I shouldn't have to select a COGO Point, right click, then select Edit Points for each-and-every-single COGO Point one-at-a-time (to see only that one point)... I should be able to toggle the Point Editor's 'mode' so that IT automagically updates each time I select a COGO Point (like Alignment/Profile Geometry Editor, etc) for when I need to make a handful of quick edits.


Please and thank you.

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