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edit midpoint of parcel curves with grips

edit midpoint of parcel curves with grips

I can move the endpoints of parcel lines and curves with grip points.  How do you change the radius of the curve via a midpoint grip if I don't have that midpoint curve grip?


I don't know about parcels, but with featurelines you have to use the EditFeatureCurve command.

Would be nice to just do it in a click instead.


Feature line and Parcel edit tools are exactly the same.  It's a little tedious to do this with manual radius key ins.  The only other option really is to select two points for a distance in the drawing, but this is generally only good when tracing over other lines where you can center snap for the first point and click on the curve being traced for the second point.


Agreed, a center grip would be very helpful for both feature lines and parcels.

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