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EDIT Featureline; ADD vertext before or after existing FL.

EDIT Featureline; ADD vertext before or after existing FL.

I'd like to be able to Add a new vertex to the beginning or end of a featureline (i.e. NOT somewhere in the middle).  Right now, when I need to do so, I have to draw a line from the current end pt (to mark the existing location that I want to hold), insert a new vertex at some random location use the grip edits to MOVE the end point where I want it and to move the newly created vertex to the end pt of the temporary line.


See the following image for example.  I need to add a vertext to the yellow FL so that the final version looks like the yellow and light-blue combined.


C3D Add Vertex2.png


You can draw a polyline from the endpoint of the featureline and then join it to the featureline with the JoinFeatures command.

That's a nice work around. Thanks. But I'd still like to directly edit
the FL in a future version.

I have the same issue with C3D API (FeatureLine class)


This is the Exception with FeatureLine.InsertPIPoint method:


System.ArgumentException Thrown when: The specified point is before or on the start point of feature line. The specified point is after or on the end point of feature line. The specified point is already a elevation point or PI point, or only elevation different from existing elevation points or PI points.


Whereas a polyline object we can add new vertex before the start point or after the end point.... (it is embarrassing that a polyline object was more powerful than a FeatureLine C3D object...) WTF!


it doesn´t even to set a PI point (move the coordinates to another location) in a FeatureLine in the API because there isn´t the SetPIPoint() method..

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