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Dynamic Transverse Alignment

Dynamic Transverse Alignment

Video Screencast

Please see attached <Screencast> for further information or scroll down to the screencast below.



User have ability to:

1) Choose parent alignment to use.

2) Add "At a Station" or "By range of stations..."

3) Decide transverse alignment angle from parent alignment. "Default value 90 degree."

4) Decide transverse alignment length from parent alignment. "Default value 20 units" or target alignment / featureline.

5) Decide nearest or furthest target if multiple targets are found.

6) Create transverse profile based on parent alignment and target alignment. "Default cross fall of 0% if end target not found."

7) Use Transverse parameter table editor.

😎 Import / Export to CSV.


What we have right now?

We can create offset alignment and offset profile.


What we are missing?

Ability to create dynamic transverse alignment.

1_DynamicTransverseAlignment.gifAnimated gif - Dynamic Transverse Alignment


Sample workflow / Mock-ups

01-Workflow.pngSample workflow image 01 - General Settings02-Workflow.pngSample workflow image 02 - LHS Settings03-Workflow.pngSample workflow image 03 - Table Editor04-Workflow.pngSample workflow image 04 - Model & Plan View


Please vote me up if you like this idea. I think this tool is very useful. This is a good challenge to Autodesk development team.


See attached Dynamic Transverse to view the power point file below.


Happy new year!









Basta Pinooyyy!!!

Your work on this idea is extensive and worthy of Autodesk's consideration.

Salamat Po!


Nice job.  Would work really well with multiple baseline roadway jobs.

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