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Dynamic Surface Elevations that are Points

Dynamic Surface Elevations that are Points

When designing parking lots it is typical to place spot elevations in the plan to identify design elevations.  The current available point styles are not user friendly enough, and I can't set a point on a surface thats elevation is dynamically linked to the surface.  If I place a point and inheret the elevation of the surface it does not change if the surface is revised.  I am also unable to label the elevation of the Back or Top of curb that is typically given at the face of curb or edge of pavement elevation because there are no expressions allowed in the point label styles.


I currently use a slope label style for my points as I am able to select the point I want an elevation labeled from and the second point is the end of my label line.  This label can be freely rotated (as long as the second point is within the surface boundary).  If I copy the label the new surface elevation is labeled. The problem is that these labels cannot be staked without the surveyor getting the same information I labeled in the plan.  Since I am not using point labels, the survayor needs to go back behind me and place points at each of my labels.  This is an enormous waste of time that can be solved with design point styles that are more flexible with expressions and points that can be dynamically linked to the surface.




Can you not use the "Elevations from Surface" under the Modify Point ribbon to do what you want?  It is not dynamic, but allows you to specify the surface that the elevation is being pulled from.  Granted, this does not help labeling the curb elevations.


Yes, that is what the surveyor does after I have labeled the points.  That's my point.  The labels are not "ready for staking."  Point labels are too constrictive, and points are not dynamic.


If points had an option to be dynamic and adjusting to a selected surface that option could be left on for the disign period of the project and turned off once the final design was complete.


Why use points for labeling?  That's what the Surface Spot Elevation label type is for.  Maybe there would be a benefit for a tool to convert spot elevations to Cogo Points.  I bet a good programmer could make such an application.


The thing about points is that the exact location of a surface spot elevation is almost never used for points in field staking.  I don't know anyone who stakes curbs or structures without using offsets.  But if you use an offset, then how do you select the correct location for the elevation since the point xy coordinate is not in the same location you want to pull the z value from?


Sincpac has some tools for linking points to surfaces if you need this now.  Link provided below.




C3D-Nash, I understand a programmer could do this or may have already.  I'm asking for it to be part of the software package we do have and have paid a lot for.


I understand that the physical back of curb is staked with offsets.  The crews have their own instruments that can stake the offset to the elevation of the point being offset.  Having stake out points dynamically linked to the surface elevations with expressions allowed to give additional elevations is a good suggestion.


I mentioned that the spot elevation labels are not as user friendly as I would like.  I want multiple elvations listed at one point (Edge of Pavement, Top or back of curb) and I like a grip to easily alter the rotation and leader to label the point.


Something dynamic is possible in the profile view. In the screenshot below (on the plan view at the top), I have used "create points random on surface", to create a point (20002, FGL, 5.670) with surface elevation automatically derived from a selected surface. This is not dynamic, however you can project it into the profile view and change the elevation options so that it is not linked to the point elevation, but is linked to the surface. The only other thing you need to do is set the projected point label style to use "Projection Elevation", and then in the profile view the projected point is dynamic to changes in the surface elevation.


dynamic pt elevations in profile.PNGdynamic pt elevations in profile 1.PNG

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