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Dynamic Stage Storage object

Dynamic Stage Storage object

I propose a new C3D object which can be created from any normal TIN surface and is dynamically linked to same.


This object will visually fill any depressions in the TIN surface. It can be set to display different depths in different colours, or display in contours, or just the outline of each pond. In this way it is similar to a TIN volume surface, however without the need to set a comparison surface. Instead, this new object automatically knows the spillover elevation of each pond and can thus display the ponding depths.


Labels associated with this object will be able to annotate the depth, volume and area of each individual pond or the total volume for the entire object. All will dynamically update if the parent TIN surface is rebuilt.


This object will calculate and report the stage storage of the parent TIN. Options include:

  • set the interval of stages to report.
  • start the interval at the pond bottom or at even multiple contour or some arbitrary number.
  • add a boundary to restrict calculations to a given area.
  • visual display (colours, contours etc.).
  • output (dynamic table in the drawing, output to .txt or .xml file).
  • separate or combine volumes (of each stage at the same elevation) from adjacent ponds.

What other capabilities should it have?


I'd also like to be able to generate a storage curve from these objects for export to SSA / EPA SWMM.  There should be an option to associate it to a storm sewer inlet.  I would also like to be able to generate a catchment area from the entire pond or basin or whatever you want to call it, not just a single point in the depression.

Yep although its possible to do this


or this


I think the functionality your talking about could easily be incorporated with the volume surface object as  is..

Mentor nice! I gotta try that next time.

Mentor When you say that the functionality could be incorporated with the volume surface, do you mean I could do it now with some workaround, or that the developers could tweak the volume surface somehow?  The critical functionality here is that I only supply a base surface, not a comparison surface. The stage storage object should then automatically calculate the spillover elevation for the pond.


The output should also include export to .csv file, as per @redtransitconsultants

@troma yeah i meant the developers could tweak the volume surface object. I agree you shouldn't have to create another surface to do a stage storage to a flat plane.


The csv or text file should be configurable.

I should be able to choose which columns display and in what order.

I should be able to control the units in each column. (including support for Acres, Acre*ft)

Ideally I would be able to include a user derrived columns for using the area at an elevation to calculate an infiltration flowrate.

This configuration should be Saveable for easy transfer from project to project.


As per @autoMick's idea, the reporting interval should also be able to be set in increments of depth below the spillover elevation.

(So we would have the option of reporting from the bottom of pond up or at set elevation values or from the top down for each pond.)


We should be able to report the incremental volume and the cumulative volume at each stage.

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