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Dynamic Link to Excel

Dynamic Link to Excel

I would like C3D to have the ability to export a table to excel, as well as create a dynamic link to that sheet. This would be ideal for dealing with large Material Volume Tables created from corridors. As the corridors are changed and updated, the Excel sheet would update as well. Currently to export these tables using an app already is very time consuming and if the corridor changes the process must start over again.

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Sounds great. The following may ultimately be how Autodesk addresses this idea, and many others..


As @lim.wendy posted 1 month ago, "On May 11, 2020, Autodesk announced the acquisition of ProjectExplorer for Autodesk® Civil 3D®  (ProjectExplorer)  from 3AM Solutions (UK) Limited, a UK-based privately-owned technology company. This product delivers easy to use, user-configurable report generator and design review tools into Civil 3D, enabling Civil 3D users to: simplify project data navigation, review, and model editing; more easily discover and evaluate design criteria warnings to help meet design standards; and, generate custom reports and tables that meet delivery requirements.

(Link: Autodesk Acquires ProjectExplorer)


I found this quote elsewhere, so I cannot vouch for its authenticity:
“We are excited by how
 ProjectExplorer addresses many strategic customer requests in the areas of reporting and table generation. As we spent even more time with the product, it became clear that it offered users a more accessible, holistic, and informative understanding of the Civil 3D model.

Information otherwise exposed in disparate Civil 3D properties and inquiry interfaces is surfaced in a unified panel where users can view, edit, and assess design conditions. We are thrilled to welcome this technology into the Autodesk Infrastructure solution family.”

– Dave Simeone, Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk, Inc.


From the 3AM Solutions site, ProjectExplorer creates AutoCAD Tables not, Civil 3D Tables, among other output options. My understanding is that  both static and Dynamic excel files are availble options.


I suspect that the C3D team is looking at ProjectExplorer as the means to respond to our report/table problem/enhancement requests. This probably means an end to any C3d team effort to resolve these issues outside of ProjectExplorer. 


I am optimistic that Autodesk will actually release a version of Project Explorer.
(I generally consider the use of optimistic and Autodesk in the same sentence as oxymoronic.)  

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