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Dynamic layer states

Dynamic layer states

I would like to have dynamic layer states where viewports can be associated to a layer state and will update when the layer state changes. This would eliminate having to open drawings or stepping through layouts to update the layer states manually. The layer states could be saved as external files so multiple drawings could be linked.


I wish i could vote for this 90 times. 


You have my vote Neil.


As long as this didn't cause a hit to drawing performance (like an xref does for example). As it is I find myself annoyed with the performance of the layer manager, when I create a brand new layer and then do something as simple as change the colour of that new layer, and it suddenly has to think really hard for 5-10 seconds ("But there's nothing even on that layer yet!!!").


If it caused a performance drop I would say you still have my vote, but in that case make it something you can utilize if you want it, or leave it be if you don't want it (i.e. doesn't negatively affect drawings that don't use it).

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