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Dynamic Label Background Mask via EDITLABELTEXT

Dynamic Label Background Mask via EDITLABELTEXT

Let us add a background mask to dynamic labels using the "Text Component Editor - Label Text" dialogue box accessible via the EDITLABELTEXT command. That way, we can add background masks to specific labels as needed without adding an otherwise superfluous style further cluttering the label styles.


This option should be located in the properties palette, not in the text editor dialog.

And preferably, we should be able to use halo text rather than a rectangular style wipeout.


This is another of the growing list of items blatantly missing from Civil 3D, which users who have real-world projects already knows. 


MLeaders inherently have this functionality straight from the Properties Pane (and more, frankly; Add leader anyone?). Instead, Autodesk decided to reinvent the wheel with the advent of Labels, rather than just expose Civil 3D Object Properties (and Expressions?), to the in-built FIELD engine.


Less overhead on their part to expose the Obejct Properties, no extra development time coming up with the crappy modal dialog UI, less affect on workflow for users as we're using the same workflow we've been using since before Civil 3D (with new Object features, of course).  


Blows. My. Mind. 

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