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Dref pipe network gets parts list from source

Dref pipe network gets parts list from source

I have created a custom structure parts list that is sometimes modified as a project evolves, Each of those structure parts have their own style associated with them.


What I would like is for the drawings that I create to produce plans to get the parts list from the source drawing, and bring associated styles with them. Then at that point if styles were overridden then those styles would stay the overridden style. Then when new parts were added to the source drawing, then the "plan" drawing synchronizes to the source drawing and the new part added would come automatically and bring its assigned style with it.


Then I would stop having plans where every structure in the set comes in as the default style because a certain part does not exist in the plan file.

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Along those same lines, I would like the dref'd network to get it's styles from the source drawing instead of a preset style under the "CreatePipeReference" command.

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