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Drawing lines perpendicular to polyline segments

Drawing lines perpendicular to polyline segments

Refer to this thread:


Relevant command is LINEPERPENDICULAR


  • Please provide the ability to draw perpendicular lines from any location on a polyline (e.g. a mid-point not just a vertex) without having to draw intermediary reference lines.
  • Similarly, allow the ability to directly reference either adjoining segment when drawing a perpendicular line from a polyline vertex. The current tool appears to only be able to reference the last segment drawn.


- Mick


In adittion, in the "Drafting settings":


I would add a new tab called "Direction tracking" (now AutoCAD has "Polar tracking")

In this new tab we were able to type a direction,pick on 2 points or directly pick on a segment of the polyline.

Next to this, a button if we want to plus 180º (for orthogonal direction).


This way allows us retaining a direction and you only need to enable the "Direction tracking" (pressing a control(function) button in the keyboard, for example, F12) when you need that direction or the orthogonal direction.

So, you don´t have to select the segment again.


I think that the "parallel" snap object should be called "parallel direction", and a new snap object called "perpendicular direction".







In Istram Ispol software we can do that.

There are 2 functions (if we press the button right of the mouse, to show the contextual menu):


-Enable /disable "perpendicular direction".

-Enable/disable " parallel direction".


There are 2 functions (they are saved in variables), to catch the direction

-Cath perpendicular direction.

-Cath parallel direction.


So, when you enable the "perpendicular direction", then it is tracking with the perpendicular direction(the last value for that variable).


This is the reason why I proposed the "Direction tracking".

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