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Drainage Surface Structure Ponding Areas

Drainage Surface Structure Ponding Areas

I know you can do this manually, but I mize well ask. IT would be a great idea if there was a way (as the user performs drainage calcs) sometimes we need to see the catchbasins ponding area above a structure. For instance, some places like to see where 6" inches of ponding of a structure is on the grading plan. Usually we have to use User Contours to pull this off.


I can see if the user was doing storm calcs in Hydraflow Storm Sewers or somewhere else, That there could be a default field within the structure that can be used as a ponding elevation. Where once the pipe network is referenced to a surface, the user contour would show up automatically.


I do not know if I am saying this correctly, but it is along those lines. This just helps with flood routing to show on our plans.

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I developed an app to calculate drainage and sewage pipenetwork.
One of things of it do, is calculate excavation, see:


Autodesk exchange apps:



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