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DIV Command Line

DIV Command Line

Hello, guys.


I've just had an idea which could make the Autocad 2D a bit better. I've tried the command, but it does't exist.


It is about the command DIVIDE. 

What about if you guys add ah shortcut?


When we use the DIV, we need to make the line, and afterwards you divide the line in how many segments you need.


I was think about we create a kind of command like, if I want to make a line and divide it in 10 segments, you just type "10L" (10- amount of segments + L - about the command Line). If I want to make a line with 5 segments, "5L".


So when you type 5L+enter, you click the first point, insert the length, eg: 10. So you would have made a line measuring 10, and divided in 5 segments. 


I hope you understood my idea, and I hope it would come through.


Thanks for the attention.


Kind Regards,


Civil Engineer Heitor Severo.   


This is the Civil 3D Ideas page.  The AutoCAD dev team is never going to see this. They do not have an AutoCAD Ideas page either.


You can head over and submit this on the Augi wish list if desired.


In the meantime, what you are asking for can be accomplished using autolisp or another programming language.

Cheers, bro. I'll do that.

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