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Disable "Section View Drafting buffer"

Disable "Section View Drafting buffer"

Section View Drafting buffer is really annoying if you don´t really want to use it.

Currently, we can hide/show the buffer according to the its component in the section view style.

Also, we can set it in the Group Plot Style.

But if we want to just draw section views as a draft, buffer does not make sense and it´s annoying.

Please, add a function or a system var to disable buffers.


I want the possibility of working as I did in 2017.


Give the operators the ability to determine the spacing verticaly and horizontaly.

Get re of the drafting buffer and any other buffer you have.

The way you have things set up is a huge waste of paper!!!!

We use a horiz. Border with sections in columns. At present we get 4-6 sections per sheet at a 5 scale.



My issue is with underlying objects (like xrefs) that get moved unintentionally when adjusting section views.

Just because they have no visible entities within the buffer, if their extents are within the buffer, they move.

VERY SAD Smiley Sad


Thanks for this idea. I am facing alot of problems with this new feature when I have some extra cad works on cross section. 

Turn on/off option is really needed.




Drawing in the buffer seems to cause the materials to recalculate and causes a lengthy delay. This sounds like a bug that could be fixed as there should be no need for material recalculation.

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