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Designing a Profile: Allow vertical curve to vertical curve

Designing a Profile: Allow vertical curve to vertical curve

When creating a design profile, I had need to go from one VC directly into another (with no tangent between).


But C3D insisted that I include a tangent between them -- I ended up showing a tangent that was a tenth of a foot long. 


I understand that when calculating a VC, it needs an entrance grade and an exit grade.


So make the entrance grade of the second VC the same as the exit grade of the first VC.  I don't see how that would be so difficult.  This would be similar to a revserse curve or compound curve in a horizontal alignment but done in a profile instead.


Sadly I don't think Autodesk will consider this a valid request since you can already create two VC without the tangent by using the Floating Vertical Curve option. It works similar to the alignments Floating Curves.


I do agree that Civil 3D should allow for VC that end at the same location without a small tangent when using PVIs to design by and Free Vertical Curves.


yes, I agree.  I also have asked this question through our support channel and it was a no-go based on Chris's comment above.


Whenever I need to have back to back curves, I just set the length of the second one to something like XX.999999m.  It rounds the length to "be correct" and the BVC/EVC labels overlap cleanly.

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