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Design Options/Proposals ala Revit and InfraWorks

Design Options/Proposals ala Revit and InfraWorks

This can now be accomplished with layers and views, or by using multiple drawings. Every time you want to explore a new design option, without losing what you have just accomplished, you SaveAs. Do any of you do that?


Wouldn't it be nice if a Proposals Manager would create and manage those extra drawings (that we struggle to name and keep track of) as we explore new design options using Civil 3D?


Yes, InfraWorks provides this, but it is needed in Civil 3D, too.








Too bad I can only vote once.


You need to explain more how that would work in C3D.

If you take the subject of a corridor in C3D, do you mean you might want "versions" of that corridor?

How about surfaces? Maybe have versions of them where another surface is pasted in.


This is where we have to be careful what we ask Autodesk for, and say why we need it.

To me, this whole idea of making IW a design program is trouble. Its architecture is set up for displaying large datasets fast, and that avoids all the intricate details of vector linework we need to properly author content.


that aside, I'm still interested to hear a few examples of how proposals would work in C3D.

Good question.

My vision of this:

The "default dataset" would include items that are common to all alternatives (and are not different in any way between them).

The default dataset might include a corridor that targets a featureline. Then the various alternatives might have different values for that featureline. As you switch between the various datasets, the FL would update and as the FL updates, so does the corridor.

This would be one example.

That may go against the intended design flow ie. IW would be used to eliminate unproductive design ideas at the start so when detailed design with Civil3D is done there is little to no need for studies.


To jmaeding,


What I envision is a system that allows me to define (using InfraWorks terminology) a master proposal and then explore design options within that environment.


Let's say you are laying out a site on which a building will be placed. You already have your Master proposal created, so you start your design by creating a new proposal based on Master. You call it Design01. You do your grading design.


The boss comes in and says they want to know what effects are borne by rotating so that the entrance faces toward the other street. 


Rather than messing with layers and views, you create a new proposal, Design02, based from Design01. Now you can rotate the "same" building and have it not affect its doppelganger in the parallel Proposal. 


This feature would also reduce the need to transfer from InfraWorks.


All that said, I agree with dgorsman. A workflow already exists for those who use InfraWorks, so it's unlikely this Wish will be granted. Sad face.





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