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Define reference template when creating new files

Define reference template when creating new files

I love the new reference template option. When i create a new file from a template and save, i have to then separately define which template would be a reference template. Actually, when i saw the description of this new feature, i presumed it would have automatically defined the source template of my new file as the reference template.


My suggestion, then, is an option to define the current template as a reference template for the new drawing during file creation. This might be as simple as adding a toggle control in the SELECT TEMPLATE dialog box to use the same template as the reference template.


As another option, you might have another reference template  or template "set" that could be used also during this process. This might be driven by an ellipsis button to pick such options.


Would this work? Create a template that has references to your style files already attached. So you might have style files for existing topo, proposed grading, proposed pipes, etc. Then you create templates for your various types of drawings and attach the style files to those. I haven't tried it but it might work.

Status changed to: Accepted

What you could do today is make a template that contains a reference to the "real" template. Then when a new drawing is created you should be all set.


There should be an option to automatically set the reference template when a new drawing is created.




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.

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