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Datum Shift Option

Datum Shift Option

Add an option in the style or object (check box and amount) to shift a profile or pipes.


The object would just be displayed at the elevation shift (typically 5 or 10 feet down). Labels for the object show the correct actual elevation.


This would save me from making objects no plot styles and then tracing them to shift down or having duplicate objects that display.




Can you give an example/use case when you would do this? I am not sure why you would want this? Not saying it isn't a great idea, just not sure the exact use. 


If you need to show multiple profiles on the same view that have relatively the same elevations.  


Examples on a profile view:

Prop. Centerline of Road Profile

Prop. Left Ditch Profile

Prop. Left Storm Pipes

Prop. Right Ditch Profile

Prop. Right Storm Pipes



Does the "Create Superimposed Profile..." or adding offsets to your surface profile cut not work for this? Pipes already allow you do add them if they are on the alignment or not and it also allows you to then add station offset labels to those pipe and structures. Not saying that this might not be useful, but for this case, it seems like there is already the tools needed. If I am not understanding the use case, please elaborate with some pictures maybe.



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