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Data Shortcut for Points

Data Shortcut for Points

It would be nice if one could data shortcut points. Instead of having to set up survey data bases. 


First create a surface from the points and then data reference the surface; does that not achieve a similar result>


i think this is a long overdue feature. there's times when i want points from a file so i can display specific points of that data. and i don't need the surface. or i want the points, but want a different style applied to those points.


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Very over due


I agree. This is something I've needed for some time. On my alignment layout I usually set points at boundary crossings like fences, walls, ditches and they will each be referenced such as F1, W1, D1 etc. There will then be a register of these crossings and the points will also be projected to the profile as well as shown on plan.

My problems start when I DataRef the alignment and profile into another file for drawing creation. These boundary points do not come in with the data. I then need to copy the points into the drawing and then re-project them onto the profile. It's very frustrating as if the design alignment changes I then have to move the points in the original file and every other file that has the points, rather than just do it once and then have it update through the drawings.

Just my twopence worth.




I have to add point tables in a different drawing than the drawing that has the points.  How can I do this if we can't add them to a data shortcut?

Is there a method yet? For recording the likes of Geotechnical investigations in separate files, it makes it difficult referencing that data in sections if they're in external files.


Or is a Survey Database still the only go-to?


I'm always a couple of versions behind of AutoCAD Civil but, it would appear that the survey data base is the only way. 


So far for my purposes, it has worked.  But unlike a data shortcut, it will not automatically update.  You have to hit "Re-Import" to get the points to update.  So it's not great in that aspect, but it's been fairly easy to manage those points using the Survey Database.

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