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custom "Corridor Material Area Fill".

custom "Corridor Material Area Fill".

In the Code Set Style, for code Link category, there is "Material Area Fill Style" for each code link.


This feature is very insteresting but very limited.


For example, if your assembly has 3 subassemblies each one with the same code link, you will get an area about all. You cannot choose if you want the left or the right side.


Generally, I do this with TIN surfaces, with outer and hide boundaries, to get a surface between 2 FeatureLines with different code. (and then my Visual Style is Realistic or Conceptual to get a solid color as a hatch).


So, it would be interesting a tool in Civil 3D similar than Surface boundaries, to create a custom material area fill between 2 FeatureLines with different codes. This way, I don´t need to create a TIN surface to get a hatch.




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