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Custom Project Templates

Custom Project Templates

The general problem that drives anyone do multiple templates is not styles but command settings. Unfortunately, there is no way around this at the moment other than using the import styles option (and only bring in settings from a DWG) or having multiple templates.


If there was a way to have multiple default settings in a single template OR maybe import/export mechanism to create drawing settings for survey/storm pipes/sanitary pipes/etc., i think that would eliminate the need for more than one template. I should post this in the idea station....  🙂

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Implemented

One of the new features of Civil 3D 2017 is the ability to use cascading referenced templates.


To break that down a little "referenced templates" are template files that the drawings stay connected to. When styles change in the templates, drawings that reference the template are automatically updated.


Cascading templates: you can reference multiple templates to allow you to have a state of country standard, then incremental changes for the company and incremental changes for a project.




Peter Funk
Sr Product Manager
Civil 3D
Autodesk, Inc.


@peterfunkautodesk the OP is talking about "not styles but command settings".

Documentation I've read so far on referenced templates only talks about styles. Can you elaborate on this please?


No reply from @peterfunkautodesk?

What do you think @Kevin.Spear or @joantopo?


Sorry about this @BrianHailey I'm gonna bug you for a comment too since I'm pretty sure you know the answer (just the first to pop into my head).


Yes, I think the implemented reference templates is great. But it does overlook settings.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Yup, no settings with reference templates. Would be nice for that to be an option. Perhaps the "top" template would bring in the settings.

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