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Curb Return Tables with Quarter Point Stations, Offsets, and Elevations

Curb Return Tables with Quarter Point Stations, Offsets, and Elevations

I wish C3D had built-in options to create curb return tables with curve and quarter point number, geometry, station/offset, and elevation info similar to this:

Curb Return Table.PNG

The data is already in the alignments and profiles.  Given the incredible minutiae C3D can get into, I'm surprised something so basic (at least in the region I work in) wasn't done a long time ago.  


True, I can drag labels for alignments and profiles into tables to get the result above, but it's still quite manual given how it could be.  To be really powerful (and useful when replacing existing curb), the columns in the table could reference different alignments and profiles (i.e. "alignment 1" along the face of curb for station/offsets and an offset "alignment 2" for existing flow line elevations to account for the the imperfections of existing curbs in survey).


Thanks for considering this!


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I agree. This would be perfect! And considering curb return alignments and profiles are created for each intersection, it should be something that is available. At the moment I'm trying to craft a table which gathers geometric data and elevations and I'm falling short of a solution. The curve table is sorted, but the 1/4 points and elevations aren't.

This feature should be available for more than just curb returns created by intersection tool though. It should be available for any alignment curve with a vertical profile.

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