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Crossing Featurelines: Allow ME to decide which controls.

Crossing Featurelines: Allow ME to decide which controls.

When two featurelines are in teh same site one has to control the elevation and the other has to "adjust itself" to conform.  But I want some way to control WHICH one takes precedence.  And the fact that one of the crossing points happens to be an endpoint should not mean that it is automatically in control.


When grading a parking lot with featurelines recently, I drew one FL perpendicular to edge of the lot and assigned a 2% slope to the FL.  This FL was not used in the surface definition as I wanted the breaklines to be parallel to the lot edge.  So I created FEATURELINES that are parallel to the lot edge.  These FLs intersected the first one and I wanted the ends of these FLs to be controled by the elevation of the first FL at each location.  But that didn't work out -- it placed elevation points on the first FL at the elevation of each parallel FL.  GRRRRR.


BTW -- I couldn't use STEPPED OFFSET because although the slope at this first FL was 2% as stated above, the slope of it's counterpart FL at the other end of the lot was 3%.  I wanted to let everything transition automatically.  Stepped offset would've used the same slope the whole way through.


Use featureline styles to control which takes precedence. Or, if all the same style, the last one created will control.

You can make it so that one style is given a higher precedence than another
style? That would help considerably.

A related Q then: if I have a FL that was created from alignment & profile
(still linked) or extracted from a corridor also still linked and the
assigned style is one of LOWER precedence that that of the FL that crosses
it, what happens?


FAQ: How can using styles with feature line objects help with Split Point Resolution?


Not sure about the extracted feature lines.

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