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Create points: Import file (Apply a Description Key).

Create points: Import file (Apply a Description Key).

The Create COGO points dialog box has the button "Import points" to import a file.


In the dialog box of the "Import points" we can apply several operations such as Elevation adjustment, coordinates Transformation, etc..


I think that "Apply description keys" operation should be also available here, not only when we import a DataBase Survey for Survey Points.



I know the workaround of the majority of the users is using directly several Points Groups with a defined point style for each code point but I would also like to have this option to add an own style for each point.




I have seen that this option is currently available but only from the context menu:  You must select COGO points in the drawing and then press right button of the mouse to select "apply description keys" from the context menu.


I think this option should be also available from the dialog box when we import a points file.


Joan, make sure the Disable Description Keys option is set to False and the DK's work fine.


2-1-2017 6-49-50 AM.png



Yes, I was wrong.

I though that we had to select a Description Key Set (similar than Survey Prefix Figure DataBase) when actually, all Description Key sets are used together according a priority.


So, when we import a point file and that feature is enabled (Disable Description keys = true), yes, Description keys are applied from all Description key sets.


Sorry, I was confused.


Admin can delete this post or move it to solved, sorry.

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